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Jubilee Timber Farms

Jubilee Timber Farms was established as an avenue to enjoy the wooded outdoors. The property was acquired from a nice couple who were unable to continually care for it and was void of trails and roads upon receipt. While it is indeed work, the Lord has provided guidance and safety in working this land.

Our Mission

God provided a some East Texas timber property to use to enjoy and renovate. Through his blessings, we seek to honor those blessings and his sovereignty. A portion of the land has been cleared and is used by the Boy Scouts. It is our hope they enjoy the property and learn through their scouting experiences. Additionally, the property has provided campfire wood for area Girl Scouts.


We strive to maintain inventories of firewood. Many times our stock is driven by salvaging trees taken down by mother nature.

As we clear passageways and thin areas, mixed hardwoods are taken and processed as firewood. While not optimum for cooking, these mixed hardwoods do make budget friendly campfire wood.